Sean Chester

Age: 35

Hometown: Coventry

UK PB: 37 lb 8 oz

Favourite UK Venue: TBC

Favourite Tactic: Stalking fish from the edge!

Favourite Rig: Blow Back Rig

Favourite Bait: Castor & Sticky Baits (Krill)

Fishing Specialisms: Carp

Interests: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Motocross & Cars!


Lee Collings

Age: 46

Hometown: Wolverhampton

UK PB: 48 lb

Favourite UK Venue: Linch Hill – Christchurch Lake 

Favourite Tactic: Solid bag fishing using small compact bags at distance!

Favourite Rig: Ronnie Rig

Favourite Bait: Mainline Cell

Fishing Specialisms: Carp

Interests: Fishing, Football, Winding Villa Fans Up!



Carp Specialist

Age: 48

Hometown: Birmingham

UK PB: 29 lb 15 oz

Favourite UK Venue: Cromwell Fishery

Favourite Tactic: Solid Bag fishing over free offerings!

Favourite Rig: Standard Hair-Rig 

Favourite Bait: Sticky Baits Krill Active

Fishing Specialisms: Carp

Interests: Charity Work, Fishing and Shooting