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When considering the best carp fishing line for you, you first need to check out the different line types made for carp anglers. There are three main types of line, each of which has its benefits and drawbacks depending on the style of carp fishing you’re interested in. Here is a quick breakdown of the main strengths and weakness of each of the line types to enable you to pick the perfect line for your needs.

Monofilament –  Highly, abrasion-resistant, grippy line. Easy to manufacture therefore low cost as it only uses a single strand of nylon in its construction. Mono line’s natural colouring is translucent, perfect for easily spooked carp. Can also be dyed easily, too. An excellent choice for the junior or novice angler, monofilament fishing line is stretchy and the stretchiest lines can give an additional 25% of length. This means that the line has a significant amount of giving in it, so it can absorb the shocks from aggressive takes or lunges. Monofilament line also has a high memory, so it will hold some semblance of the shape even after it has been removed from the reel.

Fluorocarbon – denser than monofilament line, fluoro offers the same refractive index as water, so it bends light like a liquid. This means that it vanishes in the water, making it practically undetectable and it is the preferred choice for anglers fishing in clear waters or angles targeting easily spooked fish. It also sinks fast so it better pins bait to the lake or river bed, even when using weightless setups. A very popular choice of leader for fishing with bottom baits, fluoro line is also exceptionally sensitive.

Braid – composed of multiple fibres which have been moulded and welded together, braided line ensures incredible strength with a small diameter which is excellent when targeting harder fighting carp. Braid is also a dense line type, so it sinks quickly through the water column – making it an excellent choice for the angler fishing with bottom baits. Colour options to choose from are more limited with braid as it is a more visible line.